I have if Else statements that always returns the else part of the statement but never the "if" side. Could you look at my code and tell me where I am going wrong? I am aware I have too many variables declared.

 var car_type = new Array();

	//Set up array that represents the metal_type weight
var metal_type= new Array();

	// getCarStorage() finds the storage based on the car storage space.

function getCarStorage()
var carStorageArea=0;
		//refers form id="carForm"
var theForm = document.forms["carForm"];
var selectedCar = theForm.elements["selectedCar"];

carStorageArea = document.getElementById("selectedCar").value; 

		//We return carStorageArea
return carStorageArea;
		//This function finds the metal bar weight
function getMetalDensity()
var carStorageSpace=0;
		//Get a reference to the form id="carForm"
var theForm = document.forms["carForm"];
		//Get a reference to the select id="metal"
var selectedmetal = theForm.elements["metal"];
		//equal to value user chose such as metal_type["Aluminum".value] would be equal to 4.3512
carStorageSpace = metal_type[selectedmetal.value];
		//finally we return carStorageSpace
return carStorageSpace;
function calculateTotal()
var divobj = document.getElementById('total');

		//Here we get the total by calling our function
		//Each function returns a number
var totalCanFit = getCarStorage() / 440;
var spaceUsable = totalCanFit * .33;
// var fit = car_type / 44.40625;
var metal_name = document.getElementById("metal").value;
var barsNeededFor1800 = 1800 / metal_type[metal_name];
var total = barsNeededFor1800 * metal_type[metal_name];
var barLimit = totalCanFit /  spaceUsable;
var weightLimit = barsNeededFor1800 / spaceUsable;
var doesFit = barsNeededFor1800 - totalCanFit

var respond = "You will not be able to complete this job.  Please select either another car or bar type.";

	if (barLimit <1)
	divobj.innerHTML = ("This will not work because you have surpassed the limit of " + barLimit.toFixed(0) );
	else if (weightLimit <1)
	divobj.innerHTML = ("This will not work: wl="+ weightLimit+","+spaceUsable+","+barsNeededFor1800+";");
respond = 'With the total cargo area of the chosen car, you are able to fit ' +totalCanFit.toFixed(0) + 
		' bars. You will need ' + barsNeededFor1800.toFixed(0) + 
		' bars to reach to the 1800 lbs limit. ';