Sitepoint Members,
I have a sony camcorder (HDR-Cx550v). I haven't used it even one time, so I know nothing about making videos (zero). I want to buy some video editing software to cut out sections I don't want and attach the two ends I do want. I believe the camcorder can record in the fairly new avchd format. Vegas pro 10 cost $500 and if it will help me a lot I'll buy it but Amazon reviewers said it has a lot of stability problems. Vegas Movie Studio is only $60. Let's say they both have no stability problems. There's so much terminology in video that I don't know that I can't tell what either of them do, when would I want one, when would I want the other? Are there other software programs that will work with Sony camcorders that I should be considering? I really want the file(s) the software creates to load fast so the video player doesn't have to stop playing to wait for the file(s) to load.

Any help greatly appreciated,