I must profess, I hate netscape... for reasons such as this! [fuming]

So, I've built a page with three frames, one top, one left, and a main-frame. The left frame contains a menu with basic clickable links that divert the mainframe to various URLs.. no problem there.

The top frame contains a series of pictures depicting the names of various departments. By design, these images contain mouse-over events that do two things. First, they change the image to a different 'Glow' state. Second, they show an applicable layer for the coinciding department.

The main frame contains six layers, one visible, the rest invisible. On mouse-over, the images in the top layer send a command to the mainframe, which in turn shows/hides applicable layers until the correct department's layer is visible. The layers contain two tables and one image, which serve to define what duties the department undertakes, in addition to the master image the department has selected as part of an overall theme for the division.

This works fine in Internet Explorer, the mouseovers all work, and the layers are hidden/shown as appropriate.

I run into issues opening the page in Netscape, however. Not only do the image-swaps fail to work, but the layers don't respond either. It's as if Netscape is not recognizing the Javascript behind the pages.

A reputable source, (Our Webmaster) tells me that Netscape HATES layers, that the object model is completely different, ensuring that Netscape will render the layers incorrectly, if at all.

My question to you folks, is how can I change the design of my page to acheive the same effect, while remaining cross-browser compatible? I'd like the contents of the main frame to change with each mouse-over, without using layers...

Thanks for the insight, and thanks millions for reading my small novel!

Warmest Regards,