On my Home Page I have decided to use "Image Replacement" and put my Company Name in an <h1> behind my Company Logo.

However, on all other pages, there will be an <h1> that is unique to that page.

For example, on a page with an article "Postage Meters can Save You Money!", that title will be the <h1>.

In cases where a web page has a clear <h1>, what should I do *semantically* with my Company Name and Company Logo?!

In the past, I just did this...
        <div id="logo">
          <a href="/index.php">
            <img src="/images/debbie_160x45.png" width="160" alt="Debbie" />

Because my Company Name and related things are in the <meta> tags on every page, maybe that is enough?

To me, CONTENT is the most important thing. And everything else - including Company Name/Logo/Tag Lines - is just "marketing mumbo-jumbo". (Then again, "Branding" is an important topic, and one you don't want to totally blow off?!)

So what is a good strategy?

BTW, I'm trying really hard to use proper semantics that would make someone like DeathShadow proud!! (Of course, that is a tall order!!)