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    We lock the posts in this forum automatically upon posting. This is to insure that everyone follows the Review Guidelines that have been set forth by Sitepoint. Unlike some forums, Sitepoint cares about the quality of the members posts and hopes that truthful and good information is distributed. The guidelines were set forth to prevent this forum from becoming a haven of advertising and spam. We regret that we have to go to such extreme measures but previous actions have left us no choice if we are going to provide a quality and information filled venue.

    The web site reviews forum REQUIRES you to review 3 sites BEFORE posting your review. Your 3 reviews MUST have occurred in the past 30 days. (Sorry but we can't allow you to review 15 sites now so that you can post 5 request later.) Failure to review 3 sites will result in the deletion of your post. Please do not give simple reviews such as "great site". "love the look" etc. This is pointless and doesn't help the person asking for a review and only hampers your request. Also it's a 3:1 ratio, meaning that for every 1 site you want reviewed you have to review 3.

    The complete listing of Sitepoint Forum rules and guidelines can be viewed at:

    Wayne Luke - Sitepoint Moderator/Internet Media Developer
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