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    Question about courses on sitepoint

    Has anyone out there taken any of the courses on sitepoint learning. I see there are 2 courses by Russ Weakley, one is Getting started with CSS and the other
    is practical CSS also by the same person.

    It is $17 dollars for a month and I think you can take 2 lessons, it says you can cancel anytime which is good as there is only 2 courses I am interested in.

    Just wondering if anyone has taken these or can offer any input.

    I still need to do a lot more learning about css as I did not think it was that involved, the positioning and layout is the hardest part for me.

    The best book anywhere out there is by Ian Lloyd (build your website the right way) this book is so easy to follow. I know I could not make it on my own even
    after going through the book but I learned a lot and I am going to go throught the book again.

    I have done some other books and they are so hard to follow and they leave you more mixed up than when you started. Not every one has a nack for being able to explain things in a simple way. These people who write these books are professional designers and very smart and educated and forget that they were a
    beginner once to. They are writing them for advanced people even if they say the book is for a beginner.

    I wish there were more books that have you build a site along with them like the Ian Lloyd one. I wish he would write another book with a different web

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    It mainly depends if you enjoy watching and learning from videos? I have participated in the Practical CSS since I was offered to join the course and it's fairly simple to understand. Probably the part where there is the advantage is you can see the CSS altering the demo page regarding positioning.

    Though typically I prefer to read books but that's me I've done Cisco CCNA and even with that course the books were a faster method though certain multimedia aspects have their place. You'll probably gain something from the Learnable CSS courses.

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    Russ Weakley is da bomb. Though I've never been anywhere near him in meatspace, I consider him a friend and an excellent teacher. Any chance you get to learn from him, take it. He knows how to teach Web design without "dumbing down" the coursework or drowning you in jargon.

    Paul Boag is another one who does this well. I understand he has some sort of tutorial compilation online, though I'm not familiar with it, and I imagine it will be substantially more expensive than Russ's work.


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