I have been provided with the following price for a web development company to design and build me a bespoke ecommerce site using magento community and wanted to know if it is a fair price they are quoting me.

Am I being charged for anything I should not be charged for? 

Are the prices reasonable?

Am I being over charged on everything or somethings?

Note, the prices for the Add Ons include the cost of the Add on + the cost to integrate and set the add on up in the website.

 The quote does fit within our budget, but I want to make sure that I am not being ripped off.

Design & Build - 1,040.00
CSS / HTML - 1,668.75
Magento Integration - 2,080.00

[B]Total Costs = 4,788.75


Add Ons (prices includes the cost of the Add On + the cost to add it to the site and set it up.) 

Themed email templates - 200.00
Product Labels - 130.00
Custom Advanced WP Blog - 850.00
In store video on product page - 65.00
Sales reporting - 65.00
Reward points - 260.00
Ultimate SEO (Canonical Links) - 130.00
Featured Products - 260.00
Product Notification - 130.00
Category Image Rollover - 130.00
Who bought this also bought - 130.00
FAQ - 260.00
One Step Checkout - 260.00
Mobile version - 825.00
Multi Currency - 380.00
Gift Certificates - 225.00
Checkout Promo - 420.00
Follow up email - 550.00

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Thank you