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    Angry Dreamweaver MX User Check?

    Hi people,

    I hope this is the correct forum for this topic.

    I have struggled for approx a week now and have posted on some newsgroups, which nobody was able to answer, so you peeps are my last hope.

    I have DreamweaverMX and I am using the php server model.

    I have created 2 pages for a user registration proceedure, the first page (reg1.php) contains a form that the users type in their desired username, which is passed to reg2.php which then checks the mysql database to see if that name is unique, so far so good. reg2.php also has a hidden field which contains the username from reg1.php

    If the name is unique the user is prompted to select a password of their choice, on hitting submit the contents are inserted into the database, problem is its inserting the information twice .

    I have tried an extension for MX called check user as Macromedia do not supply this extension for the php server model, but that doesn't work properly and more often than not just fails to run.

    I also have the login suite which is excellent but doesn't include a check user.

    please can anyone help, with a week spent on what I thought would be a doddle, I am at the end of my tether.

    Attached are the files zipped, I have Virus scanned them, so if anybody could be so kind.
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    I moved this thread to this forum instead, as I figure you will get more help here.

    This is in no way critizism of your post - it's very polite and nicely written, but a tip on getting help on forums, though - instead of attaching zips and such, please just post the code snippets you are having a problem with - the people on sitepoint are a very helpful bunch, maybe even the most helpful community on the internet, but most people here are busy people, who just can't wade through attachments for every question they answer.

    Good luck!
    Mattias Johansson
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