Hi there

I have a custom post type, "entrepreneurs", with a custom taxonomy, "sectors" attached to it. Here is the code (http://codepad.org/ceQH4a6a) for my custom post type registrations.

Things you might need to know:

  • "Entrepreneurs" are heirachical, like pages.
  • "Sectors" are like the categories for the post type

What I want to do...

In both my archive and single views, I would like to display the assigned sector name for the post below the title - in the same way that you would in, say, a blog article, using "the_category" or something similar. Like so:

<?php the_category('', '', $post_id) ?>
The full block of code can be found here (http://codepad.org/ub3c9N9P).

I want the H4 to output the custom taxonomy, without a link - resulting in the following layout (http://db.tt/xiL3w0ty). The grey text below the title is sector taxonomy.

I've tried a number of solutions found on various forums and resources, but none are working for me. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.