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    Talking Htaccess and rss feed configuration

    Can anyone provide some insight as to how to write out a redirect htaccess file that will not conflict the rss feed of that particular site. For example, I am trying to have the main index.php (simple machines forums site) page to be directed to another site that offers self hosting. Example ning. In turn, I would like to use the rss feed of the simple machines forum on the ning site to redirect the visitor back to the simple machines forum.

    htaccess example:
    Redirect /bbs/index.php

    when i create the file, it will redirect correctly but then the rss feed that I use on the ning to redirect back to the forum will not work, it will list the rss feed of the ning site.

    any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.

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    Using mod_alias (Redirect), you're merely sending the bbs/index.php file to, i.e., nothing else should be affected.

    mod_rewrite gives you the power of regex so, if you need more from your .htaccess redirections, look into using that (the tutorial Article linked in my signature will help). Just be cautious as it looks like you're trying to create a loop between your two domains.


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