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    FOR loop Batch help!

    Hiya i was just wondering if theres someone with good knowledge of windows batch out there, whos willing to help me?

    For university iv been required to create a windows batch script which will help an admin. So far Iíve done add/remove/edit user, backup, system info etc however my tutor has advised me to create a FOR loop on add user. Atm the admin will manually enter each user name and password however i want to run a loop which will read an existing text file and automatically create the accounts.

    I understand that the structure of a loop is FOR %A IN (list) DO command [ parameters ]( and so far i have come up with ďfor %%a in (users.txt) do [net user /add]Ē something such as this but obviously its not working.

    Do i have to declare users.txt and insert it between net user and /add? Or is this completely wrong? Iv been trying to figure this out for days and there isnít much material to go on. Thanks in advanced for any help given, its much appreciated!

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    This might help a little:

    If you want to go line by line, this would work for reading the text file:

    FOR /f %%a in (users.txt) DO (
    ECHO %%a

    If the users are delimited with commas, you will have to do this:

    @echo off
    FOR /f "tokens=1,2,3,4 delims=," %%a IN (users.txt) DO ( 
        SET user=%user%%%a
        SET firstname=%firstname%%%b
        SET lastname=%lastname%%%c
        SET group=%group%%%d
        REM -- echo the variable names like this:
        ECHO !user! - !firstname! - !lastname! - !group!
        REM -- or the tokens like this:
        ECHO %%a - %%b - %%c - %%d
    Contents of users.txt delimited with commas:
    roberts, robert, smith, users
    janej, jane, jones, administrators
    samanthar, sam, richardson, users
    peterc, peter, cottontail, administrators
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