This is my very first post to this forum. I have made a few small web sites but just using html. Now I am venturing into CSS and want to learn more

I read on one post that you like to answer questions so I will probably have a few of them for you.

I am following the Site point build your web site the right way, 2nd edition. I have gone through the book twice up to the point of starting chapter 6 I did not think I understood it good enough the first time so I wanted to get a better grasp of things.

I want to make a page with as many images that can go across the page till it if full but I do not want to use tables as I have in the past.

In the book we use images but it does not help me to figure out how to get mine to be horizontal as in the photo gallery page we use images but
they run vertical centered on the page with only one in the middle going down so I don't know how to put them side by side.

I am understanding a lot about css but I have to admit I am still pretty mixed up with the positioning and layout part.

I think this is probably a hard thing to lay out graphics in this order using css but maybe there is an easier way than I think there is.

I hope I have explained this so someone can understand what I am talking about. I would appreciate if anyone has any good advice about putting
these images as I would like to do.