Any ideas on how to set a background color for an iframe?

In IE 8 there is a background color of white, however if I remove the background color code shown below the background color is still white.

But - in Chrome much of the background is transparent along the inside top and bottom of the iframe.

<iframe width="880" height="1200" style="border: outset; background-color:#F999" src="<Search><OrgId>carets</OrgId><NELat>33.61304676018744</NELat><NELong>-117.8405570983887</NELong><SWLat>33.5843072580453</SWLat><SWLong>-117.88999557495118</SWLong><LocationType>zip%20code</LocationType><MidLat>33.5986770091164</MidLat><MidLong>-117.86527633667</MidLong><Zoom>14</Zoom><SearchType>1</SearchType><PolygonType>zip</PolygonType><LocationType>zip%20code</LocationType><Location>92625%20(Zip%20Code)</Location><MinPrice>500000</MinPrice><MinBeds>2</MinBeds><MinBaths>2</MinBaths><MinSqFt>1400</MinSqFt><Status>A,B</Status><oper_in_misearch_features_2>OR</oper_in_misearch_features_2><oper_in_misearch_features_3>OR</oper_in_misearch_features_3><RESPropertyType>SFR,CON</RESPropertyType><Features></Features></Search>"><p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p></iframe>
Also I did some research and it appears that I cannot use CSS to set the width and height placement and other styles , etc., because . . ?

I need to do that in the html code section for the iframe main page, or, can I declare an internal style sheet for that, or not?

If so where and how?

As always - thanks much . . . Rick