I'm having a very annoying and ongoing cash flow problem.

My main business expense is my own salary, and I pay rent and most of my bills personally, out of my salary. No problem there.

I also have pretty regular and ongoing work, and most months the work covers my business expenses comfortably or with small profit. That's fine too.

The problem I'm having is, even though my work is regular, and I bill regularly toward the end of the month (around the 25th or so), it of course takes time for my clients to cut me their cheques. They all pay quickly; most times in about two or three weeks. But because I have no business savings, I keep having to use my credit card as a buffer to make up funds quickly to take my salary. Therefore when I eventually get paid by my clients, it's the middle of the following month, and the money goes straight back into paying off the credit card and not into business savings.

It's a cycle that started a couple months ago, when my business savings were used up dealing with two computer crises that came on top each other.

I'm nervous about not having savings (in case of emergencies), and I also dislike having to use my credit card that way, not to mention the desperate feeling toward the end of the month that goes with it.

Any advice on how to get myself out of this ongoing cycle? This is the fourth month it's been happening.