Hi guys,

I'm just posting to get your thoughts on how to handle something I've got to work on.

So I'm working on a product based web site. Each product has 3 options that can each have 3 different colours. For example:

Product 1 -> Option 2 -> Red


Product 1 -> Option 1 -> Black

...you get the idea.

Now on selecting the colour choice the product image needs to change to this colour to reflect the change. This could obviously be achieved using multiple images in a Javascript array. The only problem I have here is the sheer amount of images I would have to create, one for each possible combination. I'd be looking at 80+ images.. soul destroying.

Still with me? I'm guessing I could do something in Flash that would simply layer the option on top of a base image, but then accessibility becomes an issue.

So bottom line, any ideas on updating colour options on an image without creating individual images for each option?

Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions as always!