Dear All,
I have a page here What is does it check if either of the second/third dropdown list is not selected then minimal the third dropdown list is required. I have function like this. What it does when there is change in the second column dropdown list > 0 then I want to make the third column dropdown list to required false but when I submit it still shows me the error message "This field is required". Any help please?

function handleDwellTimeHourUpdate(index)
						  	//alert("First or last row");
						  	var hourValue = $('select[name^="dwellTimeHour"]', $(this).closest('tr'));
						    //alert("Hour value :"+hourValue.val());
						    var minuteValue = $('select[name^="dwellTimeMinute"]', $(this).closest('tr'));
						     minuteValue.rules('add', {required: false});
						    	minuteValue.rules('add', {required: true});