I have a webpage which the user can drag a marker around inside a div and the script then shows the standard js alert box with the final positions of the marker once the user has stopped dragging it about. What I need to do is get the script to add these values to two hidden input elements in the page. Can anyone tell me how I can do this please?

The script I'm using is below, any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Code JavaScript:
$( init );
function init() {
  $('#makeMeDraggable').draggable( {
    cursor: 'move',
    containment: 'content',
    stop: handleDragStop
  } );
function handleDragStop( event, ui ) {
  var offsetXPos = parseInt( ui.position.left );
  var offsetYPos = parseInt( ui.position.top );
  alert( "Drag stopped!\n\nOffset: (" + offsetXPos + ", " + offsetYPos + ")\n");

Thanks in advance.