First Impression:
Very professional, nicely designed, very attractive for new customers. If I was a potential customer, I would *really* be impressed, you obviously are a high quality designer ;-).

Browser Compatibility:
I see you have tried your best in both IE and NS. Both these look fine. I have also viewed your site with the WebTV Viewer and find that you have one major flaw: you need to set your background colour to white (<body bgcolor=white> ). In WebTV the default bgcolour is grey, whereas both IE and NS use white as the default. With the bgcolor as grey, the site looks kinda ugly.

Two suggestions: firstly centre the little bar at the top of each page, and secondly, you might consider having a navigation bar at the top and bottom of each page, rather than just at the bottom of the pages.

Hope that is of use to you! BTW: I am using a PC with Win 98.

Daniel Irvine
f-free - Free Stuff and Freebies!

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