I am building a website for a client who need to showcase their services with photographic content. I can follow the typical route of hosting the images on the server, and using an image viewer/gallery component.

However, the client wants to be able to frequently change the images, without having to go through me. Thus, increasing the chances of breaking something in the website, or uploading images in the wrong sizes/spec and whole host of problems.

So, I thought that it might be a good idea to direct them to an image hosting service, and then somehow link their website to that. This would allow them to use a fail-proof interface to upload, edit and tag the images. It would decrease loading times of their website. And -I am hoping- this is a good SEO strategy too, increasing exposure through social networking.

The problem is, I have never done this before. I know Google has a photo sharing service, never used it, but it may be good enough for the client. Anybody has any experience or thoughts on this subject?

Appreciated... Thanks!