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    Simple GUI for MySql

    i'm running win98, have php, and running badblue server. i have mysql.i know nothing about dos. i need a SIMPLE gui for mysql. any suggestions?
    it's a work in progress, but it's mine.

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    Your message here!

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    If you want an excellent web based GUI (you'll need PHP installed as well) head to

    Otherwise, by chance I downloaded MySQLFront just before it was discontinued. Looking at the license, I think it's acceptable to post it here;

    MySQL-Front version 2.x License

    Except where otherwise noted, all of the documentation and software included
    in the MySQL-Front package is copyrighted by Ansgar Becker.

    Copyright (C) 2000-2002 Ansgar Becker. All rights reserved.

    This software is provided "as-is," without any express or implied warranty.
    In no event shall the author be held liable for any damages arising from the
    use of this software.

    Permission is granted to anyone to use this software for any purpose,
    including commercial applications, and to redistribute it, provided that
    the following conditions are met:

    1. All redistributions in binary form must retain all occurrences of the
    above copyright notice and web site addresses that are currently in
    place (for example, in the About box).

    2. The origin of this software must not be misrepresented; you must not
    claim that you wrote the original software. If you use this software to
    distribute a product, an acknowledgment in the product documentation
    would be appreciated but is not required.

    Ansgar Becker
    MySQL Front is a Windows GUI for MySQL.
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