Some time back I requested a review of my site and I want to thank everyone that posted in that thread! It has undergone another facelift, and I'd like to get comments on it agian. The site can be found at

Some things that we are already discussing internally:
- The wording of the 'Browse' button. Our target audience is generally newer computer users. This button is used to get into our directory, but is the word 'Browse' the right word to convey that message? We had 'Yellow Pages' there before, but I'm afraid that may be too long for the text under the icons on the other pages.
- The link/text color. I currently have it set to a range of blues. My wife the art major has suggested purples, which is the opposite color on the color wheel. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance! We're just about ready to start advertising this site to the public, and I personally feel this face is the best by far!

Hatton Humphrey