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    Returning Single Rows from joined query

    Sorry if the subject is a bit garbled! Here is what i want to know is (or isn't) possible.

    Assuming I have a table of companies that offer services in different (multiple) areas, a table of areas (eg. countries), and an index table as follows:

    - ID
    - name
    - url
    - phone number

    - ID
    - name

    - company_id
    - area_id

    If I have a company called "My Company" who offer services in the UK, USA and Australia is it possible to have a MySQL query return the list of countries as one field so that I can return all information for each company in a single row and without multiple queries? ie. return a result set like this:

    ID = 1
    name = My Company
    url =
    phone = 123456
    areas = UK, USA, Australia

    Thanks in advance for any help!


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    what you describe is best done in a script

    if this were sql/server, it would be a simple stored procedure with a loop

    since it's mysql, you'll have to do it in whatever language (php?) you're using to connect to mysql

    if you're using coldfusion, there's an elegant solution involving the CFOUTPUT GROUP= parameter

    there is a pure sql solution, but it involves left outer joins with as many tables as necessary to cover the maximum number of areas per company -- in other words, ugly, complex, and inefficient as heck



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