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I'm just setting up a registration page, which seems to be working ok at the moment. However, i would like to add an email confirm field so that the two fields have to match before the form is submitted. I've attached the code i have below with the 'Email' and Emailconfirm' being to two fields that would need to match. Could someone supply me with either the code i need or where i could sort out the code. I'm learning php at the moment so it has taken me a bit of time to get where i am, but hopefully this is the last hurdle to complete the form.

Many thanks,


PHP Code:
$_REQUEST['Email'] ;
$email $_REQUEST['Emailconfirm'] ;  
$name $_REQUEST['Name'] ;
$Reference $_REQUEST['Reference'] ;
$Forname $_REQUEST['Christian-name'] ;
$Street $_REQUEST['Street'] ;
$Town $_REQUEST['Town'] ;
$Post $_REQUEST['Post-code'] ;
$country $_REQUEST['country'] ;
$headers "From: $from"
$subject "*******"
$fields = array(); 
$fields{"Reference"} = "Reference";
$fields{"Name"} = "Name";
$fields{"Christian-name"} = "Christian-name";
$fields{"Institution"} = "Institution";
$fields{"Street"} = "Street";
$fields{"Town"} = "Town";
$fields{"Post-code"} = "Post-code";
$fields{"country"} = "country";
$fields{"Telephone"} = "Telephone";
$fields{"Email"} = "Email";
$to "*******.co.uk"
$body "******* details:\n\n"; foreach($fields as $a => $b){     $body .= sprintf("%20s: %s\n",$b,$_REQUEST[$a]); } 
$headers2 "From: *******"
$subject2 "*******"
$autoreply "
Thank you for registering with the The *******. 

Reference number: 


This e-mail is confidential and intended for the addressee (s) only. It may also be privileged. If you are not the intended recipient, please notify the sender by replying to this e-mail. You should not copy this e-mail or otherwise use it for any purpose and the contents must not be disclosed to any other person."
$from == '') {echo "You have not entered an email, please go back and try again";} 
 else { 
$name == '') {echo "You have not entered a name, please go back and try again";} 
 else { 
$send mail($to$subject$body$headers); 
$send2 mail($from$subject2$autoreply$headers2); 
header"Location: *******" );} 
"We encountered an error sending your mail, please notify webmaster@YourCompany.com"; } 
$recipients = "*******".com";
mail($recipients"This is the subject","This is the mail body"$headers);