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Thread: I need a script

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    I need a script

    I need a script: a questionnaire that allows to the students to: register and log in, complete a questionnaire for a professor chosen by them from a list. All the results are stored in a database for each professor and updated after each student votes. The script imports the list of professors, adds a new student to the members list and exports and makes the updates of the results for each professor. The students can choose to complete the poll anonymously or not.

    Any help, please?


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    Should we presume you have little or no knowledge of PHP?

    If you have not already done so, I suggest you take a look at Google Docs whereby you can create a spreadsheet (instead of a database) and create an input form in a clicky-pointy kind of way that you then embed in a webpage.

    google docs forms

    The first paragraph of the first link on that list (for me anyway) states:

    "Forms are a useful tool to help you plan events, give your pupils a test or collect other information in an easy, streamlined way. A Google form is automatically connected to a spreadsheet with the same title. When you send a form to recipients, their responses will automatically be collected in that spreadsheet."


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