I'm having a real problem here.

I have a mapsearch.html page wherein a mapsearch.css paged is externally linked. This is working excellent with the original search when previewed in IE 8.

Then I save mapsearch.html using SAVE AS and then rename it cdcsearch.html which also brings with it mapsearch.css. Good so far.

Then I open cdcsearch.html and paste a new different map search URL link for a different area within the <iframe>.

The problem is the original search in the mapsearch.html page keeps showing up in all of the newly created Save AS .html pages. This is driving me nuts!

I've tried everything, however, the original search keeps showing in each newly created Save As searchpage.html.

Does <iframe> have anything to do with this?

Should I save updated links or not?

What else could I do to prevent this?

Thanks . . . Rick