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    HELP Need simple noob code for school project

    Hi guys and girls im a new guy on this forums and im here to beg for a favor, for my school assignment i have to make a simple php script and i have no idea how to do that so, here i am what i need is basically a video store rental application that store staff would use. Nothing fancy just that it works. We also got sakila-db to work with and use witch is 30% of my problem if a got to make my own db i would not be quite as confused right now. Can any1 help me because im starting to panic.

    i apologize if i posted in the wrong place.

    im including small dijagram of how this thing is supposed to look any help would be appreciated.

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    Hi MrVivi. Welcome to SitePoint.

    for my school assignment i have to make a simple php script and i have no idea how to do that
    That means something has gone wrong with your course/class. It would be best to speak to your teacher and find a way to sort this out, because there's no point taking a class if you have no idea what's going on. Either the teacher has failed to do his/her job, or you have not been doing your homework.

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    I agree with Ralph.

    People around here are more than willing to help but it looks like we have to do your homework... and there's no point at all if you don't know what's going on. Your teacher should help you with this.

    You attached two SQL statements to your post. If you import them into MySQL, your database and all the data will be available to be used in your website... and that will be a big step forward.


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