I have just been reading a thread on another forum (Dont want to break any rules here so will not provide a link) but to put things into a nutshell this guy has put together a PDF with links to a bunch of premium Wordpress themes on Fileserve as a WSO.

Basically his argument is that you can take whatever commercial theme you like and resell it singly or as part of a bundle with no permission from the original author.

I own and resell a wordpress theme. It took me 3 months and about $2000 to develop.

I remember this argument floating around a few months ago, and was aware there was a debate. It had me worried then...

I just cant believe people are able to blatantly stealing other people's work and resell it - and can get away with that. It just seems so wrong, given the time and money those of us who do make a living from this have put in.

Can someone clear this up? Is it true that anyone can take our work and give it away or sell it without our consent?