Hey guys I was wondering if you could help me get this code working to display the label field instead of the first data set. I also need help getting the label to be added into the loop generating the points.

FLOT Charts

Here is the full code and some more information about it in the comments: http://pastebin.com/fNfgKijp

Specifics (for loop adding points):
Code JavaScript:
$(function () {
    var d1 = [];
	var d2 = {  label: 'Target', 
				color: 'blue', 
				points: {radius: 8},
				data: [[mileMedian, priceMedian]]
	var d3 = {label: yourCar[0][0], 
				color: 'green',
				points: {radius: 8}, 
				data: [[yourCarMiles,yourCarPrice]]
	for (i = 0; i <= totalCars - 1; i++){
			d1.push([allCars[i][1], allCars[i][2]]);
                       // not sure what syntax to use to get this to add a label to the d1 data set.
    var options = {
			series: {color: '#bbb'},
			lines: {show: false},
			points: {show: true, radius: 4},
			xaxis: {label: 'Miles', min: startMileRange, max: mileRangeEnd},
			yaxis: {label: 'Price', min: startPriceRange, max: priceRangeEnd},
			grid: {markings: [{xaxis: {from: mileMedian, to: mileMedian}, color: 'black'}, {yaxis: {from: priceMedian, to: priceMedian}, color: 'black'}]}
    $.plot($("#placeholder"), [d1, d2, d3 ], options);