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    Question about the book “Build Your Own Database Driven Web Site Using PHP & MySQL”,

    In the book, “Build Your Own Database Driven Web Site Using PHP & MySQL”, 4th edition, page 15, it says “Find the file called php.ini-development in the PHP folder…” There is NO file by that name in that folder or in any of the sub-folders. The version of PHP that I downloaded is the VC6 Thread Safe version of PHP 5.2 for Windows. Should I have downloaded the VC6 Thread Safe version of PHP 5.3 for Windows? Or does that file now have a different name?

    Please advise.


    Dave Vandermey

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    My localhost server (xampp) has 4 "php.ini" files.

    AFAIK the "-" files serve as example settings, but the "php.ini" files are what is used. (I'm still not sure why 2, and as making sure both are identical works I've never bothered to find out - anyone know?)

    As long as you can find one without the "-" you'll be OK, but best to save a backup of the original before you make changes to the working file(s).


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