Hi there,

I'm interested in getting some clues on how to build a php parsed and built dynamic TOC.

Basically I have a include TOC with the page links but I want to kill this file and instead get php to find the files to build the TOC itself. (and why not .. hey)

Say I had (which I do) a various amount of files like learn_about_01.php. I would like to see how possible it would be for php to clock the name of the file first (as they may be different names, but always the 0# at the end) and then count the 01/02/03/04/05/06 number... etc to build the embedded TOC. All this I hope will click through to the correct page.
Also as a added touch I would like to find a way to get php to count and publish the page out of the max pages and display something like pg 2 of 6.

I'm not asking for anyone to publish the whole script but moretime to tell me what to look at (and/or), what I need to think about (esp. counting the numbers). One thing is for sure I don't want it to be too over the top - I'm just starting... count the

I know of a javascript version (not saying that isn't fine) but its buggy.

thanking you all...