Hi there,
I am creating a mobile landing page for www.selectyourtickets.com. The idea is to create a simple home page for mobile devices which will then be linked to evenue, a different server which deals with all of the 'ticket buying traffic'. So I was going to just create a simple HTML page. I, maybe naively, thought that I could just create graphics at mobile size dimensions (I used 230 px wide), center them in the page, and when you go to the page on your mobile the screen will just snug up to the graphics. I tested one and instead, the graphics were very small and in the top left corner.

Soo, I guess you could say I could use some pointers on designing a mobile site. I use dreamweaver, and just noticed the XHTML Mobile 1.0 Doctype option, so I assume that would be the right option when creating a new doc. But is html the way to go? I've seen mobile sites with a .asp at the end, but I am not familiar with that at all. Thanks so much.