I was going to PM Paul directly, but I thought someone else might run into this situation and benefit from the answer. OK, I've got the following html (quick sample for this purpose)

Code HTML4Strict:
[COLOR=#000000]<div id="advertiser">
    <div id="centerContentContainer">
        <table id="edit_listing">
                <td><ul id="allSteps"><li>step1</li><li>step2</li><li>step3</li></ul></td>
                <td><ul id="checklist"><li>check1</li><li>check2</li><li>check3</li></ul></td>

In this case, why does this css

Code CSS:
#advertiser #centerContentContainer #edit_listing td ul { margin-left: 10px; }

override this css
Code CSS:
#allSteps { margin-left: 0 }

Logically (at least to me), the more specific #allSteps should override the drilldown to the generic UL, but it doesn't work like that in any browser I've tried it in.

The reason I'm asking is our organization is starting to make heavy use of LESS and I need to be armed with very specific warnings to pass around so I don't end up doing a lot of cleanup afterwards (which seems to be my job lately)