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    Connect to a selfhostet Mysql Database

    Hia all

    My Webhosting Account for my Domain doesnt support MySQl, and so I decide, to host the MySQL-Database it self.

    Now I have running a Server on W2K, with PHP / CGI / SQL

    All is working perfect.

    But i need to connect from my Domain to my selfhostet Database.

    #language=C:/Inetpub/mysql/share/your language directory
    #slow query log#=
    I have deleted the Bind-Adressline, but i cant connect from Outside.

    I have a ODS Account, so that I can connect to my Selfhostet Webserver with

    Also i testet to route all Ports to my Webserver, but this didnt work too..

    Other Peoples can user the Server, a SQL Board is installed, but outside connection to my MySQL Server arent possible..
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