Ok i probably could go and reply to all the wonderful posts under the "Sneak Peak" topic but i think that would take forever. Valid arguments have been brought up from both sides and i am having Deja Vu about this whole topic (so much like the web site reviews forum). First I'd like to make some points.....

1. Threats towards SP, The Forums, The Admins etc are really like water on a ducks back. We hear them, consider them and most of the time they wash right off. This is being issued towards the "If you do that I'm outta here!" statements. I can't remember how many of you said the same thing about the web site reviews forum.

2. As Wayne said they are there so that you can view them and make suggestions for change etc. If i didn't care for your opinion or value your input i would have gotten Matt and Wayne's approval and they would have been posted AS IS. (yes i said AS IS, meaning that they would be in effect right now exactly how they are.) BUT since we due value your input and we love to torture ourselves (you have to admit this isn't my idea of a fun conversation thread) i posted the sneak peak. and yea i knew this would raise some feathers and trust me I've read a lot in the forums, in e-mail and of course my ICQ is just running rampant. But I'm listening..........

3. This is NOT a personal attack against any one person, and it is not an attack against the web hosting companies. This rule is to allow us more footing to stand on and give us more muscle when editing posts, deleting post or banning people. I can't even begin to count how many people will argue saying "it's not in the rules." or they say "you weren't clear enough" etc.... I hate that a lot, and if i had a dollar for each time it was said I'd be a millionaire, literally.

4. We are not banning ALL posts. In fact thanks to your suggestions, and comments we've come up with a revised edition of the rule..... and yes it's longer..

-------------start rule here ----------------
2. Web hosting & Domain Names Forum -
A. Web hosting companies are NOT allowed to open new topics in the Web Hosting & Domain Name forums regarding hosting services, pricing or other features.

I own XYZ hosting and was wondering what I should offer.
Hey all what do you think about the Domain Name superdude?
Where can I find a good domain registrar?

B. You ARE allowed to post replies if people ask questions but you must answer the question and not just provide a URL to a page on your site.

Q. I was wondering if it is normal for a hosting company to shut down your server without reason.
A. No, We don't do that at XYZ Hosting and you can read about it in our support site at www.xyz.com

A. Usually not, I recommend you read your hosts terms of service and contact them about resolving this issue.

C. You can post replies to requests for general information or for those that are looking for a web hosts but not in a way that promotes your own company.

Q. I need a host with 500 megabytes of disk space, 300 gigs of transfer and PHP, who do you recommend?

A. I can offer you that at XYZ hosting, is this an adult site because if it is we can only host you if you share all of your pictures with us on CD.
A. I can offer you that on XYZ hosting, talk to me about our free developer's plan.

A. There are many hosts out there that can offer that to you, I suggest you look at www.tophosts.com and do a search to find a company that fits your needs.

D. You may continue to promote your business in the ways allowed in these forums. This means a signature file and/or an e-mail link listed within your personal profile. You are also free to list any Instant Messenger ID's as the personal profile allows.

E. Customer Support shall not be carried out within the SitePoint Forums.

F. You will have to rely on the members of the forums to recommend you, you cannot personally search for customers among forum members. Any posts in violation will be deleted and you will be banned from posting.

----------end rule now------------

Ok let it fly........and if you have any comments about my comments please feel free to e-mail me or ICQ me.....

Eric Jones - SitePoint Administrator