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    IE7 Compatability Issue with Classic ASP

    IE7 issue.jpgHi all,

    I have just started work with a new company as there software developer. I am proficient in ASP.NET but not used classic asp though. Anyways........I have been asked to look at an issue with one of the internal systems that has been developed in classic asp.

    The system has worked fine in IE7/8/9 up until 3 weeks ago. The system still works fine for 99% of all users:

    However 4 of the 440 users are having the exactly the same issue. When they start up their pc's and access the organisations intranet they can access the webpage fine and with functionality. However as soon as they close internet explorer down and then try to access the same page of the intranet that they accessed 30 seconds ago a section that has drop down lists in it no longer works. They click on the drop down list and just does not work.

    I am thinking that this may be a CSS issue / compatability issue but because it has worked for 3 years up until the last 3 weeks this is probably not the case. Nothing has been changed with regards to the scripts. I then looked at windows updates and the 4 users have had none that should have effected this particular functionality.

    Any ideas on this would be appreciated?
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