I am building a wordpress site for a client who needs to display video content from her youtube channel.

There will be 2 pages that each have a video player that will show a specific video. These videos are basically showreels of her work, and the important thing is that they will be updated every 2 months or so, so the players will need to be able to selct the most recently added relevant video from her Youtube uploads.

I am trying to find a plugin that pulls in the most recent video with a particular tag, ie, one player is for movies tagged showreel,and the other for movies tagged slideshow. My thinking here is that if she uploads the replacement movies and tags them with these words, the players should select and display only the most recently tagged video.

So my questions are:

1. Is this the approach to take or should I be coming at it from another angle?

2. Any plugins that will do this?
I am already using Tubepress on the website, which pulls in the main youtube channel feed - that works fine here - http://k-kreatives.com/video-gallery. However I cannot get it to select /the most recent /by user /by tag.

Any help and advice will be gratefully received.