I have a banner I created outside of FrontPage because FrontPage was incapable of allowing me to create a separate link for each picture in the banner. (BTW, thank you for your help with the scripting. I ended up figuring out the scripting from the banner sample I was looking at.)

The java scripting example I looked at to obtain this script had the banner appearing at the right hand top of their page and the instructions said to put it in between the head commands but that's not where I want this to appear.

I managed to create a working "billboard banner" on a test page but now I want to move it to the actual page I had planned to put it on. What commands do I need to put in in order to tell it to show up in the table where I put the scripting? At least, I am assuming that is the problem. It is actually appearing underneath another banner I have at the top of the page, even though I put it in a specific table cell.

To view the working banner test page, go to http://www.northbaytechnologies.com/test.html

To view the sample page where it's stacking the smaller banner and the billboard bannner on top of each other go to


I want the larger, billboard banner to appear in the bottom right hand corner.

Do I need to put a command in at the top of the page that helps position it?

I'm also wondering why on first load the banner on the test page shows as a broken picture and then seems to be ok once it starts rotating. Seems strange.