...content. Why am I even bothering to mention this now, and after the forum was redesigned? I don't know. Maybe its not really my new fantastic idea and its already here, only I just don't know how to set this preference. (^_^)

I would really like to have some visual feedback on a post to flag it as to the content's current status. What made me think it was a good topic for discussion or a problem needing a solution are two reasons,
1. date does not always reflect the status of advise as far as search is concerned. Thus one can limit a search to only posts from the past year, however the current best solution may be several years old in one case and months in another.
2. Other sites vote answers up or down--and I've not seen these around long enough to know this for certain--but what mechanism would vote them down when the answers become outdated?.

Its with this in mind I ask if there is another way to do this? Maybe on a user (private) level? Like color coding date ranges. Or reorder results my some other value per a given search?

Any thoughts about this?