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    What characterizes a modern website?

    This is a research and placed on various forums on the Internet. The purpose is to gather information to improve

    I begin with what I already have found:
    • Modern design is used.
    • For HTML what is used is HTML5 or XHTML.
    • Systems for blogging on the website with built-in RSS
    • Instead of a guestbook modern comment systems are used such as Facebook comments or Disqus.
    • A nice header image with possibly a slider
    • For functions with javascript a modern library is used such as jQuery
    • For images there is a lightbox feature to easily enlarge the images in a nice way
    • Systems are in place to easily log into and easily modify and build the website without knowledge of HTML.
    • On-page optimization for SEO already built with for example: clean URLs, headings, HTML navigation, XML sitemap, no dup content, etc.
    • Use of CSS3, for example shadows in a good way.
    • Instead of a visible counter on the page invisible advanced statistics such as Google Analytics or similar is used.
    • A function for collecting subscribers and send out newsletters are in place
    • The site is built in a way so that it loads quickly
    • Flash is not used for content and preferably not at all
    • The site works well with mobile devices (responsive CSS)
    • The site uses social media to interact with the reader, for example like buttons for Facebook.

    What else is there?
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