So what we have here is failure failure to communicate

I have two CSS sheets failing to communicate. (LOL dy'a like how I got Gun's N Roses line in there? a line originally from >

Any way back to the CSS prob

I got a Google clone top nav bar free - Here it is if it is of use to you to >

Here is one of the pre black version >

Now I decided due to some recent results on some SE's that I need to do some linking to

My Site that is I need to link up one of my other sites and update my site

So I started playing with

This new version

Which has the Google top bar clone and also another bit of code I picked up and used elsewhere like here

I have stripped out and adapted a part of that and got it working elsewhere but

on the new version of my site I have some CSS conflict going on

So what we have here is as I said failure to communicate

So would any one please be so kind as to give me a tip or two.

I am likely only couple of CSS edits away form the page displaying and then the only problem I see arising is there will likely be a larger than liked gap under the cartoon strip which I will then most likely need to address

Oh and the other things I half hitched for this are

Dynamic Drive > whose site / page design there I nicked off with (I did write to DD and tell them I didn't want their menus I wanted their page and would leave a credit link in and if there was a problem let me know - that was about 2 years ago and have not heard so hey ho).

The other thing I used was another free html5 (so it said) template but I will have to post the link for that later as I can't find it presently

So it will be apparent I am not really a web designer as all I do is learn from putting others codes together and it is a brilliant way to learn IMHO.

So can anyone help me make sense of this please?