Hello Everyone, I'm a php / mysql coder with around 10 years of experience. I've done tons of odd jobs for clients on freelance websites, and as I gained experience, I have learned the value of my work. I have a handful of really great clients who I occasionally do part time work for. Now I want to enter the local web design scene.

I want to offer top notch standard compliant sites. The problem is, I have no portfolio and no design skills! My idea is to hire a web designer to design the client sites, pass on the design to me and let me handle the rest.

I live in mexico, where 90% of the sites are still web 1.0, high speed internet is beginning to flourish here and I want my piece of the cake. As I have no design portfolio, I was thinking of finding any designers who are interested in sharing their portfolio in exchange for guaranteed work. Do you find this idea feasible? I'm looking for ideas on how to build a portfolio FAST!

Another question is how do coders find quality clients? (apart from freelance website.) How do you showcase your coding abilities?

Thanks in advance.