I want done "HAVING" for value json that store values array in a row from database table with json_encode, this values is persian word but but not done "HAVING" for it, how is fix it?(collation is utf8_general_ci)(i use codeigniter)

row_s is as:

row_s id 1: ["All5","\u0648\u06cc\u0632\u0627 8"]
row_s id 2: ["All5","\u0648\u06cc\u0632\u0627 7"]
row_s id 3: ["All5","\u0648\u06cc\u0632\u0627 6"]

This is my php code: (output this is: There is not)

PHP Code:
$val   'ویزا 8';
$query $this->db->query('SELECT * FROM table HAVING row_s LIKE "%' $val '%"');
if (
$query->num_rows() > 0) {
    foreach (
$query->result() as $val) {
$val->name '<br>';
} else {
'There is not';