There's this site for a client of my company where I work - www dot direct holidays dot co dot uk/holidays (without the spaces, of course!) that has gone live but has an unequal height boxes problem.

The boxes (summer 2010, egypt, canaries) have unequal heights. For a dirty fix, there's a trick to give a min-height: 260px; to the .subhome2feature class.

For the ideal fix, I tried making the id contentPanel2 display: table; width: 100% and then the classes col1row1(2 and 3) as display: table-cell; and width: 33%; but that didn't work out.

Can anyone suggest me any other fix? I am just to add something to CSS to make it look good. I can't alter the divs as there's no access to jsp. If there's no fix by only css, then I'll have to tell them it's not possible without altering the jsp.