Hi there,

I am creating an Auto-Tweet Script and it's almost working except for 2 things that I need some help with.

Here is the script so far:

PHP Code:
<?php // Sets the Timezone
date_default_timezone_set('Europe/London'); ?>

<?php // Setup the report

$today date ('m/d/Y');
$todayuk date ('d M Y');

$file 'url_to_xml_file_goes_here';
$xml simplexml_load_file($file);

$longstring $xml->content;
$truncated substr($longstring,0,strpos($longstring,' ',100));
$msg $truncated;


<?php // Let's show the URL at the end of the tweet.
$short_url 'http://bit.ly/nxoA33';

<?php // And now connect to Twitter!

$consumerKey    'key_goes_here';
$consumerSecret 'secrect_goes_here';
$oAuthToken     'token_goes_here';
$oAuthSecret    'secret_goes_here';
// create a new instance
$tweet = new TwitterOAuth($consumerKey$consumerSecret$oAuthToken$oAuthSecret);
//send the tweet.

$tweet->post('statuses/update', array('status' => $msg$short_url));
The problem I have is that in the very last line, I have asked the script to tweet the content and the short_url afterwards but it's missing off the short url - The tweet works but it only tweets the content in the $msg variable.

Also, I need to write something before the $msg variable. So I want the tweet to be like this:

My Text $msg $short_url

Can somebody help me with these two things?