Hi all.

I'm trying to echo a variable followed by a link and Dreamweaver's code hinter keeps flagging it up as an error.

The variable is $truncated which takes a string and shortens it to 130 characters or less (without cutting in the middle of a word). This is the $truncated variable.

PHP Code:
$truncated substr($longstring,0,strpos($longstring,' ',130)); 
And now I want to create another variable that takes the shortened text and adds a "Read More" link afterwards...

I'm doing it like this:

PHP Code:
$msg = echo($truncated "<a href='http://ivegotkids.com/aries'>Read More</a>"); 
Dreamweaver keeps on telling me that last line is incorrect.

I have also tried it with a comma after $truncated...

PHP Code:
$msg = echo($truncated"<a href='http://ivegotkids.com/aries'>Read More</a>"); 
I have also tried it by putting the link in a separate variable called $url and echoing both like this:

PHP Code:
$msg = echo($truncated$url); 
I have also tried all three of the above without the brackets.

What should it be?