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    Just sayin' thanks!


    A couple of weeks ago, I posted a message regarding an "unappealing site" that I had just created:

    Anyway, I was going to just give up and get a professional to just redesign the site for me. Sitepointer BlackMax responded by saying that I shouldn't give up just yet and that I should post something on the Web Review forum before giving up. Well, I bought one of the Sitepoint books on design and looked around the web for inspiration: both activities were super helpful. After doing some work on my own, I posted a request for a review as per his recommendation:

    and I just wanted to say "Thank you very much!" for the suggestion. I've gotten lots of great advice, most of which I've implemented, and the site definitely looks way better than it did before. In addition, I've gotten some solid advice on how to make the site concept clearer.

    Anyway, I'm sure that the site could still look better, but I have to say that using the Web Review forum has proved invaluable.

    So...thanks again for your suggestion, SitePoint and BlackMax!

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