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    mobile friendly version of a wordpress site - double pixel increase increase?


    I'm developing a mobile freindly version of a WordPress website. Im using the plugin 'wordpress-mobile-pack' as this is my first time developing a mobile friendly version site.

    I've replaced the header h1 with a background image containing a 1 pixel border, but when testing it on my iPhone the image appears twice as large as intended and the border is 2 pixels.

    Is there a style that would increase objects to 200% or is there a trick to ensure my designs are matched on the iPhone.

    any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks - Adam

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    Have you navigated to other Wordpress sites on the iPhone to see how they fit? I know mine will fit on a mobile device and I have not done anything to make that happen.

    You are not modifying existing WP files, but starting from scratch?

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