Since I started my web-experience I've been on several webhost providers, the danish Surftown is one of them.

You can get the "Advanced"-plan for:

1.34 /month (Following year: 6.55)
1.84$ /month (Following year: 8.99)
1.18 /month (Following year: 5.73)

You get 20gigs of storage, 50gigs of Bandwidth, up to 10 domains, PHP, Mysql, pgSQL support or asp, and MSSQL support.

Your own email! - Unlimited Subdomains databases! Antivirus! YAY 99.9% uptime!!!!

Sounds great!

But yeah, it really isn't - The price is low, even if you want 30gigs of storage and 70gigs bandwidth, around 9.99, 13.8$, or 8.8.

They write on their website:

Honest words, super customer service, and real bandwidth, instead of "unlimited"..

I've been at host twice now, they have 99.9% uptime indeed, you can even check their website, search your domain stored on their servers, and it will say "No downtime".. For some time ago, the company was down for several days, because of water in the datacenter, it was raining in Copenhagen, so all their servers was under water.

Even their backup servers which should be running if the main servers was going down, problem was, it was in the same part of the town, at same building, same floor - Not same room, but yeah, the backup servers was under water too.

Even when my websites had been down for 4 days, 4 full days.. I went to their website, (it's not hosted on their own servers) - Checked my uptime.. And really! My website had 100% uptime! Even when I couldn't connect for 4 days! THATS awesome!


For that reason I did move all my websites, but what about before 1st time I was on this 'host'?

Yeah, I had a website, which had some visitors, it wasn't really eating the CPU, not at all.. One day, when I got to my site it said "Suspended".. I did write mail to Surftown, because you need to pay the same amount as your hosting to get normal phone support.. 3 days after I got a reply, which was pretty fast, because normally when I was in contact with them, it took between 1 and 2 weeks.

But yeah, I got a reply from them, and I got something like this:

Hello Lucas,

Thank you for contacting Surftown Support, Your hosting account has been suspended because of abuse of storage and bandwidth. We would kindly ask you to find another host provider.

Best regards,

And some more stuff.

But yeah, abuse of storage and bandwidth.. I logged into my control panel (it wasn't suspended)... Saw my storage.. Out of 20gigs of storage.. I did use 8gigs.. Out of 50gigs of bandwidth I did use 40gigs..

I did take contact to surftown again, they said, that It was abuse of their hosting to store that much data, and just use the traffic that fast.. I was like "Hey, I've paid for 20gigs storage, and 50gigs bandwidth".. But yeah, they didn't care..

So yeah, they don't have any 'unlimited bandwidth' but they don't even provide those 'real numbers' that they provide..

And then that you need to pay a much of moneys for getting phone support.. And then again.. their phone support is from 9am to 4pm, monday to friday.. If your website goes down, or having issues friday at 4.10pm.. You'll need to wait to monday to get your problem fixed..

The only nice thing I can recommend about surftown, is their 'unlimited' databases on their hosts..

When I had a site there.. I did move it to a VPS in US.. the site was loading 4 times faster.. I did move it to dedicated server in Amsterdam, running together with bunch of other sites... It's around 8 times faster, if not more.. And the uptime is better..

I can't recommend Surftown.. Only if you're very beginner, and you really want a host in Denmark..