Hi there,

Having a lot of trouble with this and PHP isn't my strongest area!

When I search my database it only returns specific sentences like "problems with my internet"

When I search something like "internet problems" I'd like for it to show the same result as above but right now it returns nothing.

How would I go about putting a split string in there?

so I can have my keywords like "internet, problems, with, my," etc.

PHP Code:
    public function getAll ($keywords NULL)
        if (
$neskeywords == NULL) {
$sql 'SELECT * FROM nes';
        } else {
$sql 'SELECT * FROM nes WHERE keywords LIKE \'%' mysql_escape_string($keywords) . '%\'';
$stmt $this->_pdo->query($sql);
$obj $stmt->fetchALL(PDO::FETCH_CLASS'SearchClass');
        foreach (
$obj as $item) {
$item->id = (int) $item->id;
$ret[] = $item;
Thanks for your help