I created a rotating banner in FrontPage. The banner presently has 5 different pictures to show. I want each picture to link to a different page.

It should be easy to do in FrontPage but of course, nothing works all that well in FrontPage, so when I try to do this it puts the same link in for each and every picture.

I figured I could just go into the html coding and manually put in the link commands. I went to a rotating banner tutorial which didn't explain very clearly. It said to put the links in between the " " marks. When I did this according what I thought I was supposed to do, it didn't work. What I presently put in isn't working either. So it's obviously wrong.

Not every picture in the banner needs a link yet. I want the EliteBB.JPG to link to ExxonOrderPg.htm

and the AdvertiseinSpace.JPG picture to link to the

Here is the code as it presently stands. What simple thing am I doing wrong?

<applet code="fprotate.class" codebase="./" width="393" height="183">
<param name="rotatoreffect" value="dissolve">
<param name="time" value="5">

<param name="image1" valuetype="ref" value="EmCadBillboard.JPG">
<param name="image2" valuetype="ref" value="PristBB.JPG">
<param name="image3" valuetype="ref" value="AdvertiseinSpace.JPG">
<param name="image4" valuetype="ref" value="BPBB.JPG">
<a "http://www.northbaytechnologies.com/ExxonOrderPg.htm">
<param name="image5" valuetype="ref" value="EliteBB.JPG">

To view the uploaded page go to http://www.northbaytechnologies.com. The banner is the one on the bottom right hand side.

BTW, the more I try to work in FrontPage, the more I hate Microsoft. Ready to switch to DreamWeaver.